Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Why You Should Hire A Professional Realtor®

A professional real estate agent offers a number of benefits, for your real estate transaction! Whether you are looking to purchase a home at the Lake of the Ozarks or wish to sell your property, an experienced Realtor® can help you successfully do so. In this week’s blog, we have focused on the reasons why YOU should hire a professional, when it comes to handling your real estate needs.

Marketing Techniques

From listing your home to starting your home search, it is important to take advantage of the marketing tools available through a real estate agent. When selling your home, an experienced agent can help get your home out in front of potential buyers, where they look for homes. When searching for a home, an agent can access tools to find and narrow down a search, for your wants and needs.

Real Estate Experience

With experience in the market, a professional real estate agent at the Lake of the Ozarks knows how the market and area work. Let an experienced agent negotiate on your behalf, whether you are buying or selling a home. If you want experience on your side, consider conducting your real estate transaction with Realtor®.

Market Connections

To help guide you through the real estate transaction maze, a professional agent has plenty of connections in the market. Here at Eagle’s Nest Realty, we have connections with appraisers, inspection companies, and title companies in the area to help your transaction flow smoothly.

Full Time Career

While you may not have a ton of time on your hands to sell and search for a home, a real estate agent has dedicated their career to just that! If you want someone who can work hard to sell or find a home for you, consider using a qualified agent for your real estate transaction.


When it comes to selling a home, a real estate agent can help you net about 13% more! If you want to help your home sell for more, use an agent! With market experience and marketing tools readily available, a pro can make your home sale a breeze!

Call Eagle's Nest Realty TODAY!

Now that you know some of the reasoning behind selecting a professional when it comes time to sell or buy a home at the Lake of the Ozarks, you are ready to find your agent! Here at Eagle’s Nest Realty, we pride ourselves on getting to know our clients and dedicate our time to finding exactly what they want. From buying to selling, we have the experience it takes to make your real estate transaction a success. Whether you wish to list your house or search for your dream home, contact us at 573-280-0769 today!

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

5 Tips to Increase Home Security

While your home is likely the largest investment you have made, it is important to keep it secure. Not only to ensure your family is safe, but you may worry about the security of your processions as well. Your trusted real estate agent in Sunrise Beach, MO knows how hard you have worked for your house, and now we have provided some helpful tips when it comes to securing your property. Provided below, by Eagle’s Nest Realty, are some ideas to start implementing to increase security around your home at the Lake of the Ozarks.

1) Lock All Entrances

While it may be a common practice to make sure doors are locked before going to bed, ensure your doors remain locked during the day as well, even if you are home. Along with locking doors, make sure your window locks are latched as well. While it may not be common to leave your windows open during the winter months, come spring and summer, you may let the fresh breeze in. Almost 30% of burglars enter a home through an unlocked door or window. If you have a garage door, make sure it completely closes before you drive away. Many times the sensor will not allow the door to fully close and this creates the perfect opportunity for a criminal to enter your home.

2) Keep Your Home Well Lit

Especially when you are not home, try to create the illusion that someone is inside your home. Leave a lamp on in the front room or keep your porch light illuminated while you are gone. If you are out of town for an extended period of time, set your lights to a timer, to make it seem like someone is there turning the light on and off throughout the day. Many burglars wait until it is obvious that the homeowners are gone for an extended period, before they target the home.

3) Think About Hide-A-Key Location

While we understand the importance of a hide-a-key, try to be strategic about your spare key location. Avoid common places, like under the door mat or above the front door jam, these are some of the first places a potential thief will look for a key. Only tell people who you trust inside your home, while you are gone, about the location of this key. Also, remember to move the spare key from time-to-time.

4) Keep Valuables Out of Sight

To avoid tempting someone to break into your home, keep valuables away from doors and windows. Even a purse sitting near the front door can be reason enough for someone to break into your home. Remember that nearly 3 out of 10 home burglaries occur when someone is home. Even if it is out of sight, most burglars head to the master bedroom when they first enter a home. This is where valuables are usually located in common places, like a draw or bedside table. Try to keep this in mind when storing your valuable items inside your home.

5) Invest in a Home Security System

To monitor and protect your home, many homeowners invest in a home security system. Many robbers tend to avoid homes with a security system, because they are more likely to be caught. To help protect your family and your property, consider a home security system.

Now that you have read about these security tips, you are ready to start taking actions to keep your home safe! There are easy and inexpensive ways to add security features to your home, making your family a little safer. Whether you have recently moved into a new home or have purchased your home at the Lake of the Ozarks years ago, you can start increasing your security today! Your expert real estate agents at the Lake of the Ozarks want to help you keep your belongings and (more importantly) your family safe!

Call (573) 374-0769 to schedule a showing today!

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Estate Living at its Finest - 10211 Webb Road, Versailles

Are you looking for a spacious new home near Lake of the Ozarks? Escape from the hustle and bustle to this beautiful property in Versailles, Missouri. With 44 acres of gracious space, the possibilities are endless with this estate home. There are TONS of unique features ideal for a large, outdoorsy family! With 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, you will have plenty of space in this beautiful home near Versailles, MO

If this home piques your interest, see below for more details on this stellar property. 

Home Interior

This spacious 4 bedroom, 4 bath has luxurious features in every room! From the gourmet kitchen to the large rock fireplace in the living room, you will be amazed at every turn in this home. Aside from the two previously mentioned, featured spaces in this estate are a game room, exercise room, and family/media area. A screened-in porch creates the idea place to relax with friends and family. There is also an attached two-car garage. 

Home Exterior

Outside the home you will find a nature-inspired light tan and green color scheme with a beautiful wooden porch, leading to the front door. The home is surrounded by a mature landscape, which accents the property nicely. 

Property Details

This well-built home is located on 44 acres, packed with wildlife and ready for adventure. An above ground pool and hot tub are located near the home, for your enjoyment. A large workshop is ideal for storage and/or handiwork.  The workshop features heat and air conditioning, as well as a bathroom, ready for you to spend the entire day in this space. A guest house is located on the property, overlooking a large pond. The pond is stocked and ready for you to cast your line! Take a walk or ride your ATV on the trails to explore this vast property. A shooting range is also set up, to help you get ready for hunting season! 

Now that you have read a little more about 10211 Webb Road in Versailles, Missouri, you are ready to schedule a showing, to see it for yourself! If you are interested in touring this vast property, contact the best real estate agents in Sunrise Beach, MO today. We would be pleased to show you around this beautiful featured home, or any other property in which you are interested! To own a beautiful escape, this home can be yours for $385,000. 

Call (573) 374-0769 to schedule a showing today!

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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Reasons to Move in 2017

As we ring in the new year and get excited for a fresh start to 2017, many people make goals or resolutions to accomplish in the following year. If finding a new home for you and your family is on your resolution list, get a head start on accomplishing that goal! Your trusted real estate agents in Sunrise Beach, Missouri are here to help you find the right home to meet your wants and needs. If you need a little convincing that making a move in 2017 is right for you, check out the reasons provided below, by Eagle’s Nest Realty.

For a Fresh Start

It is healthy to purge your items and have a fresh start for the new year. Why not go through that process while moving into your new home? When packing your boxes for your home, you will have a great opportunity to rid yourself of unnecessary or un-utilized items that clutter your home. The best way to de-clutter your space, is to move! Once you get into your new home, you can unpack and keep your items organized.

Ideal Market Conditions

The current real estate market at the Lake of the Ozarks is on the climb. With the potential for a rise in interest rates, a number of people are selling their home now. Take advantage of the number of listings to find the right location for you and your family. Along with a number of people selling, the buyers on the market are serious, making better conditions for selling your current home.

Space for Family

Whether you are looking for a bigger space or waterfront property for your family to enjoy, we can help you find the right home for your wants and needs. If you want to give your entire family a fresh start this year, consider moving to a new home. Your extended family may even be impacted in a positive way with your move. You may find a home with a larger living space or an additional bedroom, for out of town guests – like your family. To have an inviting home for your entire family to congregate, purchase a new space!

Entertain Friends

If you have been wishing for a larger space in which you can entertain friends, now is the perfect opportunity. Simply let us know what kind of entertaining space you are looking for and we can help you find the right home to meet your social needs. If spending more time with friends is on your resolution list, a new home may help you accomplish that goal!

Now that you have read about these great reasons to move in 2017, you are ready to find a new home at the Lake of the Ozarks. To start your home search, contact Eagle’s Nest Realty today! We would be pleased to help you find the right location in which your family can live. If you are interested in buying a home at the Lake of the Ozarks, call us at 573-280-0769!

Call (573) 374-0769 to schedule a showing today!

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