Wednesday, July 27, 2016

6 Energy Saving Tips For The Heat Of Summer

The summer months bring about a wave of heat that can wreak havoc on your electric bill. As the temperate climbs, it seems like electricity usage follows suite. Eagle’s Nest Realty wants to help keep some of that hard earned money in your pocket. Your trusted real estate agent at the Lake of the Ozarks is here to offer some tips how to cut back on your energy usage in the summer.

1. Unplug The Electronics

Even if an electronic is not being used, it can still suck energy; this is known as vampire energy. Try to unplug devices if you are not using them all day before heading out. This can help reduce a little energy usage every day, which will add up over time.

2. Invest In Programmable Thermostat

A thermostat that allows the user to change the temperate in their home at different times of the day can help cut down on energy use. Allow the temps in your home to get warmer throughout the day while you are out of the house. There is no reason to keep a home cooled off if no one is home to enjoy.

3. Be Strategic When Washing Clothes

Washers and dryers can pull a substantial amount of energy and put off heat. Try to wait for a full load of clothes before you wash them and use cold water when you do. Consider limiting dryer use to early in the morning or late in the evening when it is cooler outside. Line drying clothes is another great way to reduce energy use when it comes to laundry.

4. Utilize Fans In Your Home

Increasing the airflow in your home can make it feel cooler than it actually is. Many homes have ceiling fans that help keep the air moving and cool down a room. In the summer months, your fan blades should rotate counterclockwise to distribute cool air into the room. If you have fans on, you may be able to raise your thermostat and still remain comfortable.

5. Cover Windows In Direct Sun

Sun shining in a window is a pleasant sight, but it can let quite a bit of heat in your home as well. Consider closing the blinds or curtain during hours of direct sunlight to help reduce the amount of solar heat coming into your home. Your air conditioner will have an easier time cooling your home if you close windows with direct sunlight entering them.

6. Turn Off Those Lights

This method can help reduce your electric bill year round, but a gentle reminder in the summer months doesn’t hurt! When you are not in a room, simply turn off the lights. Installing motion detectors on your flood lights outside keeps the lights from constantly being on, but you still have the added lighting outdoors when it is needed.

When it comes to reducing your electric bill, these small steps can help you save money. The summer months bring about downright hot temperatures. Your expert real estate agents in Sunrise Beach are here to help you save money during the summer months with these quick tips for lowering your summer electric bill. Happy saving!

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Friday, July 22, 2016

8 Tips For Staging Your Home

Everyone wants their home to look perfect when trying to sell, right? A great way to accomplish a nice, clean look is to stage your home. Staging a home is the process of preparing it for potential buyers to come look. The goal is to have your home appeal to the highest number of people possible. Eagle’s Nest Realty has provided some tips for staging your home before you list it.

1) Think About Curb Appeal

The first impression your home will make is curb appeal. Many times potential buyers will drive by the home before deciding to schedule a showing. Keep the lawn and any plants you have around your front porch manicured. You can add an eye-catching piece, like a rocking chair or a pot with colorful flowers to your porch as well. 

2) Reduce The Clutter

When your home is for sale, it’s important to always pick up after yourself. You may be comfortable with a little mess here and there, but buyers may be distracted by it. Don’t forget to declutter your closets as well. You do not want it to appear that you have to cram your belongings in closets due to the lack of storage space. 

3) Repurpose A Room

If you have a room that has no clear purpose, consider transforming it. Repurposing a room into an office, spare bedroom, or game room can help showcase room’s potential to buyers. 

4) Improve The Lighting

Having a home with natural lighting is ideal. You can enhance the lighting in your home by hanging sheer window curtains that allow light in. Another way to brighten a room is to replace lightbulbs with a higher wattage option.

5) Select A Pleasant Scent

Choosing a scent to stage your home can be a tricky process. You want to select a pleasant smell that will appeal to most people. Keep in mind that some people are more sensitive to smells, so picking a light scent is recommended. 

6) Decorate The Dining Table

Dining rooms can be pretty boring if the table is left bare. Add some excitement by placing a colorful centerpiece or setting the table with nice dinnerware. This can showcase the purpose of the room and be visually appealing.

7) Remember Outdoor Living Spaces

Many sellers forget to stage the exterior of their home. Stage your back deck or patio with entertainment in mind. Buyers should be able to easily imagine spending time with friends and family in this space. 

8) Think Clean

Ensure your home is clean before potential buyers enter. A house with dirt and grime may leave the impression that the owners do not take care of their property. That is not the impression you want to give to the potential buyers of your home. 

Staging a home before selling can help it appeal more to buyers who are in the market. Consider these tips as you prepare your home to sell. For more staging tips, contact the best realtors at the Lake of the Ozarks. We would love to help you prepare to sell your home. Our real estate experts in Sunrise Beach are here for all of your real estate needs, whether it be staging your home to sell or searching for a home to buy.

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Friday, July 15, 2016

7 Family Friendly Things To Do At The Lake Of The Ozarks

The Lake of the Ozarks is a great place to vacation. Since it is a tourist destination, there are many entertainment options to keep you and your family busy! Your trusted real estate agents at the Lake of the Ozarks have comprised a list of seven great activities for your family to do this summer. When visiting the area, there is something exciting for everyone to discover!

Photo Source: Fun Lake

1. Hike At Ha Ha Tonka State Park

As the home to castle ruins from the 20th century, Ha Ha Tonka State Park is a great place to bring the family for fun and a little education as well. With over 15 miles of trails, visitors can spend an entire day exploring the park. There are numerous stops along the trails – sinkholes, a natural bridge, several caves, and a natural spring leading into the lake are some of the features the state park has to offer. Take a short hike or pack a picnic to spend the entire day—Ha Ha Tonka is a great way to enjoy time with the family either way.

Photo Source: Fun Lake

2. Visit Bridal Cave

Taking a family trip to Bridal Cave is a great opportunity to get out of the heat or escape a rainy day. The cave is a natural wonderland with a deep background of the Osage Native Americans. Take some time to learn about the history of the area at Bridal Cave. Sticking with the tradition of a Native American wedding ceremony in the cave, numerous couples have exchanged vows in the Bridal Chapel.

3. Shop At The Osage Beach Premium Outlets

The Outlet Mall is home to over 110 stores making it a great shopping destination. With a wide variety of store options, there is something at the Osage Beach Premium Outlets for all preferences. The mall also has some snack and meal options, making it convenient for shoppers to stay all day.

4. Tour Willmore Lodge

Willmore Lodge is home to the Bagnell Dam History Museum, a very interesting place to spend time with the family. With background of the lake and how it was formed, this is a great educational opportunity for the kids. The old-time lodge overlooks the beautiful gardens and the water. Take a trip down to our gazebo for a panoramic view of the first 7 miles of the Lake of the Ozarks.

Photo Source: Fun Lake

5. Explore The Water

The water is a main reason people come to the Lake of the Ozarks. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have your own boat – boat rental locations can be found all around the lake. This is a great way to spend a day soaking up the sunshine and cooling off in the water. Parasailing is another popular water activity. If you’re looking for something a little more low-key, take a fishing excursion to spend time with the family on the water.

6. Swim At Big Surf Waterpark

Big Surf Waterpark is an exciting outing for a day of family fun. There are a number of rides and activities for children and adults of all ages. Take an exhilarating drop on the area’s largest half pipe, Zambezi Falls or take a load off in the Lazy River—whatever floats your boat (or tube)!  Bring the family to Big Surf for a fun filled day of water and sun.

7. Take A Helicopter Tour

A trending attraction, helicopter rides offer a different point of view of the area. Get amazing aerial views from the Historic Bagnell Dam to the Ha Ha Tonka Castle and everywhere in between. A helicopter tour can help your family make lasting memories together.

The Lake of the Ozarks offers a number of family-friendly activities to partake in this summer. For those of you visiting the area, you may decide to make this a permanent destination by purchasing a vacation home. Buying a vacation home at the Lake of the Ozarks offers an opportunity to bring your family to this great location on a regular basis. Eagle’s Nest Realty is here to make the home buying process enjoyable and easy so you can get back to visiting these great attractions with your family!

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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Benefits of Buying a Home in the Summer

The summer months are a great time to purchase a home. Weather typically cooperates more in the summer, which can make your house hunting experience more enjoyable. It is more pleasant to drive around and get in and out of the car to look at homes when it is nice outside. Your trusted realtors at the Lake of the Ozarks are here to point out some additional benefits of buying a home this summer.

High Inventory

Usually the inventory levels are higher in the summer months. Many people list their homes for sale in the spring and early summer, making this the perfect time to search for your new home. Higher inventory gives you more houses to choose from. With more options available in the summer, you can be assured that there are plenty of homes available to look at with your agent.

Property in Full Bloom

The summer months are known for green grass and plants in bloom. See all that the potential homes have to offer in the landscape department. With the property in bloom, you can gauge how much outdoor work will be needed to upkeep the lawn and landscape. You can also get an idea of how the outdoor space can be used during the summer months.

Less Competitive Market

Many families are busy during the summer months on vacations and doing other various activities. This can take some homebuyers attention away from the search, leaving less competitors looking at the same homes in which you are interested. Less people looking at the same property usually gives buyers time to think about their decisions without feeling rushed to put in an offer on the home. This can help reduce stress during the home buying experience.

Neighborhood Activities

Activities in the neighborhood are sometimes a great selling point. If a subdivision you are considering offers amenities, like a pool or tennis court, you can check them out while they are being used in the summer months. Many potential homebuyers are interested in the activities in a neighborhood; this gives you a sneak peek into the interactions of the neighbors and the environment.

Price Flexibility

A number of homes are put on the market in the spring and at this point they have usually been listed for a few months. Many sellers are more willing to negotiate on price once their home has been on the market a little while without selling. Flexibility in price makes this summer a great time to buy a new home.

These are just a few of the benefits you can enjoy when house hunting in the summer. If you are considering buying a home at the Lake of the Ozarks this summer, check out our website for our current listings. The real estate experts at Eagle’s Nest Realty are here to help with all of your home buying needs.


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