Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Documentation Needed for a Mortgage Loan

Approval for a loan is an important step in the home buying process. Your trusted real estate agents at the Lake of the Ozarks know this task may seem a bit daunting. We have compiled a list of documents needed to apply for a mortgage loan, to make the task a little easier. Provided below, by the best real estate agents in Sunrise Beach, Missouri, are some of the documents that may be needed in order to get approved for a loan.

1-2 Years of W-2’s

A W-2 helps prove that you do bring in enough money, over the past few years, to make your new mortgage payment. Your lender may ask to see the most recent 1 or 2 years’ worth of W-2 documentation. A W-2 also gives your lender an idea of different jobs you have held recently to check for stability.

Recent Paystubs

Typically, you are asked to provide one month of paystubs, but more may be required. Paystubs help to verify income. With a number of businesses paying via direct deposit, paystubs can be requested from the HR department or via an online portal.

2 Years of Tax Returns

A complete tax return will be requested when applying for a mortgage loan. The returns will be looked over for unreimbursed employee business expenses, self-employment business losses, and signs of fraud. Your mortgage lender may also order a 4506-T form from the IRS. The IRS will send their copy of your tax return to be compared to the form you provided.

Bank Statement

A bank statement will be requested, usually 1 or 2 months’ worth, for the lender to see your spending habits. They will typically look at money going in and out of the account, to ensure there is no unaccounted-for cash flow with your accounts.

List of Debts

A mortgage lender may ask for a list of debts you have incurred. This will include credit cards, car loans, student loans, and home loans. This will give your lender an idea of your financial responsibilities, to help keep you from getting over your head with a mortgage loan.

Copy of Earnest Money

Once you put an offer in on a home, you will need to provide a copy of the cancelled earnest money check. This helps show everyone in the process that you are serious about purchasing a home.

Other Documentation:

-Profit and loss statement, if you own a business.
-Proof of pension income, if applicable.
-Dividend earnings, if you invest.
-Proof of gifted money, if you have received any money other than normal paychecks.

Now that you know what documentation is needed, you are ready to start your search for a home at the Lake of the Ozarks. Here at Eagle’s Nest Realty, we are here for our clients from start to finish in the home buying process. If you are interested in buying a home at the Lake of the Ozarks, we would be pleased to help guide you through the necessary steps. Give us a call at 573-280-0769 to being your home search today!

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Monday, November 21, 2016

The Ultimate Guide to Holiday Lights on the West Side

The holidays make us think of family, friends, great food, and Christmas lights, of course! While there are a number of spectacular lights around the entire Lake area, the west side is home to a few of those great light displays. Your experienced real estate agents in Sunrise Beach, Missouri have put together the ultimate guide when it comes to Christmas lights on the west side of the Lake. No matter where you live at the Lake of the Ozarks, you can find these eye-catching displays only a short drive away!

Photo Credit: Fun Lake

Enchanted Village of Lights

Nov 18, 2016 - Jan 01, 2017
Laurie Fairgrounds
269 Fairgrounds Drive
Laurie, MO 65037
Hours of Operation: Open Nightly 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm (10:00 pm on Weekends)
Pricing: Donations Welcome

The City of Laurie presents the Enchanted Village of Lights at the Laurie Fairgrounds. The Enchanted Village of Lights is one of the largest drive-through holiday light parks in Mid-Missouri. There is no charge to drive through the Enchanted Village, but any donations are greatly appreciated.

St. Patrick's Festival of Lights

Nov 24, 2016 - Jan 01, 2017
Shrine of St. Patrick | Mothers Shrine
176 Marian Drive
Laurie, Missouri 65038

St. Patrick Festival of Lights will be open daily from 6 – 10 p.m. from Thanksgiving through January 1st. There is no charge for this beautiful light display, it is simply our gift to the community. The Gift Shop will be open to welcome guest and will be serving Hot Chocolate and Hot Cider Thursday- Sunday evenings from 5 till 8 pm, with restrooms available.

Annual Lighted Christmas Parade

Photo Credit: Fun Lake 
Nov 26, 2016
Laurie, MO
State Highway 5
Laurie, Missouri 65038
Hours of Operation: 6:00 pm

The 15th annual Lighted Christmas Parade is on Saturday, November 26 beginning at 6 pm at the Central Bank in Laurie and will travel north on Hwy 5 to the Terrace Mall. Santa will be on a float and will disembark and go inside the mall to visit with all the kids.

Versailles Unity Circle Of Lights

Nov 26, 2016 - Jan 01, 2017
Versailles City Park
Hwy 5 and Hwy 52
Versailles, Missouri 65084

For the 10th straight season, the city of Versailles will light up its city park for the Unity Circle of Lights from Nov. 26 - Jan. 1. The holiday light park is named after the "Unity Circle," a monument erected at the park entrance to show cooperation among various entities in the community. The Unity Circle of Lights is located at the junction of Highways 5 and 52 and will feature as many as 40 lighted displays, including several animated holiday scenes for the family. The park is open from dark until midnight and admission is free.

For more information on these lighted Christmas displays, visit

Now that you have the dates and times of the light displays, provided by Eagle’s Nest Realty, you are ready to enjoy the festivities. Take some time to enjoy one, or all, of these stunning Christmas light displays with your friends and family this holiday season. If you want to get into the holiday spirit, come to the west side of the Lake to enjoy some of the beautifully displayed holiday lights this Christmas season.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

How to Prepare your Home for Holiday Gatherings

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching and the Christmas season right around the corner, you may be hosting a party or two in the next few months. Whether you have a number of out-of-town guests joining you for the holidays or friends stopping by for a meal, your home may have a number of guests inside soon. The best real estate agents in Sunrise Beach, Missouri know that the holiday season may be a little stressful for a host. Provided below, by Eagle’s Nest Realty, are some tips to help you prepare your home for the holiday season.

Declutter your Space

While picking up your space may seem like an easy task, do not put it off until the last minute. A few weeks before your gathering, remove unnecessary items from your living room and kitchen. You will need as much counter space as possible for your upcoming holiday festivities. Whether you need room on the kitchen counter for cooking or a coffee table cleared for your guests' drinks, take care of these non-time sensitive tasks first.

Install Outdoor Lighting

Although you may find it easy to navigate your way to the front door of your home, your guests may not feel the same way, especially if they do not frequent your home often. Ensure your porch light works properly to help illuminate the front door, directing guests where to enter. Also consider adding landscape lighting along your walkway to help your friends and family make their way to your home. Even if your holiday party starts during daylight hours, additional lights can help as your guests exit your home in the dark.

Designate a Space for Guest Items

Creating a space for guests to store their items once they enter your house can help them feel as if their belongings are out of the way and stowed away for safe keeping throughout their stay. If you have a closet near your entryway, consider cleaning this space out for guest coats and bags. Another place to store items is a spare bedroom. A helpful hint- add a bench to your entryway if you want guests to remove their shoes when entering your home.

Add Seating to the Gathering Space

Additional seating may be needed when you have guests for the holidays. Whether your group tends to gather in the kitchen or living room, you may need to add chairs to accommodate to the added number of people in your home.

Stock up on Supplies

Whether it be baking supplies or toiletries, you do not want to rush out for a necessity while you have guests in your home. The last thing you want is to find out you are low on toilet paper when there is family staying the weekend in your home. Stock up on supplies before the holiday approaches. Your mind may be filled with a to-do list, and grabbing extra items may slip your mind. Make a complete list for groceries and other household supplies that you may need during your guests’ stay.

Now that you know a few methods to help prepare your home for the upcoming holiday gatherings you are hosting, you may be inspired to start getting your space ready for company now! Whether you are hosting a party in your new house or have a long-standing tradition of the holidays at your home, Eagle’s Nest Realty knows the importance of preparing your home for the holidays. Your trusted real estate agents at the Lake of the Ozarks wish you and yours a happy holiday season!

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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

8 Tips to Organize Your Move

About one out of nine Americans move each year, according to the United States Census. While transitioning to a new home is an exciting time, the process of moving can be a bit stressful at times. Being organized and preparing for your move can help make the transition smoother. Whether you are moving across town or relocating to the Lake of the Ozarks, we want to help make your move easier. Your trusted real estate agents in Sunrise Beach, MO are here to provide some tips to help you organize your next move.

1. Make a List

Write down tasks that need to be completed throughout the packing and moving process. Your brain will have a ton of tasks going through it, keep a pen and paper handy to write these items down, before they slip your mind. From switching electric to packing holiday items, a list can help you remember each task that needs to be completed.

2. Go Through Items

Before packing all of your belongings up, you may consider purging some unused items. Many gently used items can be donated or sold in a garage sale, if time allows. This can help lighten the load when moving and reduce clutter in your new home.

3. Enlist Help

Line up your movers in advance. If you have friends or family members who are willing to help with your move, ensure they are available for moving day. A moving company will need to be booked in advance, if you are hiring your move out.

4. Start With Off-Seasons Items

To get a head start on packing, start with out-of-season items first. Since it is getting cooler out, your summer clothes are not needed at the moment. Any home d├ęcor that is not in-season can be packed away as well.

5. Prepare Your Supplies

When getting ready to pack your belongings, ensure you have enough boxes, tape, and markers before getting started. Once you get in a good groove of packing, you do not want to run out of supplies and bring your progress to a halt.

6. Color Coordinate

When packing up your items, label boxes and color coordinate each room to a different color. This can help keep all of your boxes organized and end up in the right room after your move is complete.

7. Use Items You Have

When packing your items, use containers and bags that you already have. Instead of moving an empty suitcase, you can pack it full of clothing. If you have plastic totes, bags, and containers, use these items to help reduce the number of boxes needed to move.

8. Make a Plan

Once all of your boxes are packed, ensure you have a plan of action, before moving day. This can help keep your day on track and make your move a success.

A well planned and organized move can make the entire process less stressful. Relocating to a new home is an exciting time, we want you to be able to enjoy it to the fullest! If you are in the market to buy a home at the Lake of the Ozarks, these tips can help you plan out your move. Eagle’s Nest Realty would be pleased to help you find a house to call your own in the area. 

Call (573) 374-0769 to schedule a showing today!

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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Our Newest Listing - 32315 Island View Drive

Are you after a “million dollar view” without the steep price tag? One of our newest featured listings offers just that! This three bedroom, three bath home for sale in Gravois Mills, MO would make the ideal place for a growing family, especially for those who love to live at the Lake of the Ozarks! From vast outdoor space to a well-maintained interior, this home is a must-see. Eagle’s Nest Realty has put a spotlight on 32315 Island View Drive, Gravois Mills, for our readers.


Located on the upper level of the home, the master bedroom offers an on-suite, full sized bathroom. If you want to wake up to a breathtaking view of the Lake, this master bedroom is for you. The kitchen and dining room is housed on the lower level of this home. Enjoy sipping your coffee each morning on the large patio off of the kitchen space in this house. Take in the scenery with your “forever” view of the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks. Curl up in front of the pellet stove, housed in the living room, on a cold fall or winter day. Are you torn about moving because of the labor involved with transporting your furniture? This home comes fully furnished, for an easy move-in process.


The home’s exterior is clean with a crisp blue with white trim. Perched at the top of the hill, a large patio overlooks the lake, where you can see for miles. A two-well dock houses two boat lifts available to protect your water toys. Along with a swim platform, the dock offers a large cabinet for all of your dock storage needs. The two-car garage offers a great space to store your vehicles and tools, to protect them from the winter weather that is soon approaching.


Located on Island View Drive in Gravois Mills, Missouri, this home is nestled in a safe, upscale neighborhood. With paved roads right to the front door, you can easily access your new home!

Schedule a Showing Today!

If you are in the market to purchase a home, 32315 Island View Drive is a great property to check out. With 2150 square feet of living space available, this large water front home in Gravois Mills, MO is a great lake home. This beautiful home offers both living and entertaining space for your family and friends, listed at only $205,000. Your trusted real estate agents at the Lake of the Ozarks are here to help you find the right place for you and your family. To schedule a tour of this family-friendly property, give Eagle’s Nest Realty a call!

Call (573) 374-0769 to schedule a showing today!

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