Wednesday, July 27, 2016

6 Energy Saving Tips For The Heat Of Summer

The summer months bring about a wave of heat that can wreak havoc on your electric bill. As the temperate climbs, it seems like electricity usage follows suite. Eagle’s Nest Realty wants to help keep some of that hard earned money in your pocket. Your trusted real estate agent at the Lake of the Ozarks is here to offer some tips how to cut back on your energy usage in the summer.

1. Unplug The Electronics

Even if an electronic is not being used, it can still suck energy; this is known as vampire energy. Try to unplug devices if you are not using them all day before heading out. This can help reduce a little energy usage every day, which will add up over time.

2. Invest In Programmable Thermostat

A thermostat that allows the user to change the temperate in their home at different times of the day can help cut down on energy use. Allow the temps in your home to get warmer throughout the day while you are out of the house. There is no reason to keep a home cooled off if no one is home to enjoy.

3. Be Strategic When Washing Clothes

Washers and dryers can pull a substantial amount of energy and put off heat. Try to wait for a full load of clothes before you wash them and use cold water when you do. Consider limiting dryer use to early in the morning or late in the evening when it is cooler outside. Line drying clothes is another great way to reduce energy use when it comes to laundry.

4. Utilize Fans In Your Home

Increasing the airflow in your home can make it feel cooler than it actually is. Many homes have ceiling fans that help keep the air moving and cool down a room. In the summer months, your fan blades should rotate counterclockwise to distribute cool air into the room. If you have fans on, you may be able to raise your thermostat and still remain comfortable.

5. Cover Windows In Direct Sun

Sun shining in a window is a pleasant sight, but it can let quite a bit of heat in your home as well. Consider closing the blinds or curtain during hours of direct sunlight to help reduce the amount of solar heat coming into your home. Your air conditioner will have an easier time cooling your home if you close windows with direct sunlight entering them.

6. Turn Off Those Lights

This method can help reduce your electric bill year round, but a gentle reminder in the summer months doesn’t hurt! When you are not in a room, simply turn off the lights. Installing motion detectors on your flood lights outside keeps the lights from constantly being on, but you still have the added lighting outdoors when it is needed.

When it comes to reducing your electric bill, these small steps can help you save money. The summer months bring about downright hot temperatures. Your expert real estate agents in Sunrise Beach are here to help you save money during the summer months with these quick tips for lowering your summer electric bill. Happy saving!

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