Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Amp Up Your Curb Appeal

While curb appeal is important all year round, it becomes a focal point in the spring and summer months. An important factor in selling your home is the curb appeal of your exterior. If you're interested in upping your curb appeal, check out the tips provided below, by the best real estate agent in Sunrise Beach, Missouri. To get your exterior ready to list your home for sale at the Lake of the Ozarks, contact us today!

To start your curb appeal efforts, take note of what you would like to improve. Stand at the edge of your property and look at your home, with buyers in mind. What would catch the eye of someone who is looking to buy a home? Many times, potential buyers will drive by a property, before deciding to schedule a showing. Curb appeal is a BIG DEAL - focus on ways to attract buyers into your home.

Keep the Yard Trimmed

It's imperative to the overall look of your home to keep the yard mowed on a regular basis. Along with mowing, ensure all twigs and leaves are picked up. Even though it's spring, there are still a few stray leaves that may remain from the winter months.

Add Some Color

Try to incorporate a pop of color into your curb appeal efforts. This can range anywhere from planting new spring flowers to adding a colorful statement piece, like a bird bath or large vase. Hanging baskets are another way to bring some color to the front porch (and get potential buyers to look up).

Think Exterior Lighting

If the outside of your home lacks lighting, think about adding some solar lights to your walkway. This can help give a clear vision of where buyers should walk, when they make their way to your front door for a showing. A light by the front door can also increase the safety factor, of those entering and exiting your home, after dark - an added bonus for buyers.

Tidy Up Your Space

A clean front yard is important to allow potential buyers to focus on the home, instead of other items on the lawn. If you have kids, ensure their play toys and items are picked up, after they are done playing with them. The last thing you want is your front yard to be cluttered with bikes, soccer balls, and other toys, when a buyer comes to look at your home.

Consider Shutters or Trim Work

If the exterior of your home could use a face lift, consider adding new trim along the edge or shutters to surround the windows. This can completely change the look of a home and give it a fresh, clean look. These items can help to give your home crisp and definite lines, to make it pop.

Make a Clear Path

If there is not a clear path up to your front door, it's time to create one. Whether you want to add a stepping stone side walk or create a walkway with landscape gravel, it's important to show potential buyers the path to the front door - after all, that's where you want them to look and be intrigued what's inside!

Add Prominent House Numbers

House numbers are a BIG DEAL, especially when buyers are looking to see if they have found the right home. If you don't already have a number on your home, it's time to add it. Try to find numbers that will stand out against the home's exterior.

With your new-found knowledge of improving your curb appeal, you're ready to start taking action. If you're interested in selling your home near the Lake of the Ozarks, give Eagle's Nest Realty a call. We can help you prepare your home to list on the market and help to gain exposure for your property, to reach the largest amount of potential buyers possible! Give our real estate agents in Sunrise Beach, MO a call at 573-374-0769, to sell your home today.

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