Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Top 7 Benefits of Homeownership

Are you thinking about buying a home? Whether it’s your first home or you have plenty of transactions under your belt, homeownership offers a TON of benefits. Some are commonly known while others may not come to mind at first. In this week’s blog, your expert team of real estate agents in Sunrise Beach, MO are here to share some of the perks of homeownership with you! Take a look below to learn why you should start reaping the benefits when you buy a home at the Lake of the Ozarks.

1) Build Equity

Each month as you make your mortgage payment, you are investing in your home. Homes typically appreciate over time, which can help you actually make money when it comes time to sell your property. Think about owning a home as investing in yourself. It’s a great way to save for the future as you make your monthly payments.

2) Create a Stable Environment

Renters typically move around each year and don’t always know where they will live next. A stable environment is a major perk of owning a home. Not only do children tend to thrive in a stable home environment, adults can have confidence in their future too. For the emotional health of everyone in the home, buying is the best option! FUN FACT – Children who live in a home that is owned tend to do better in school.

3) Reap Tax Benefit

Many costs associated with homeownership are also tax deductions. Energy efficient upgrades and property taxes are just a few examples of items that can be used to help with your taxes, come the end of the year. There are also some tax benefits the first year you own a home- don’t forget to bring this up when it comes tax time!

4) Be Proud

Owning a home is a BIG DEAL! Be proud of this great accomplishment that you have reached. You have likely worked hard to become a homeowner and it’s time to enjoy it now! Take pride in the fact that you have overcome hurdles to own your very own property.

5) Start Saving Money

Each month when you make your home mortgage payment, you are essentially adding to your savings account. In a sense, it’s a way to force yourself to save. The investment of a home is a great way to put money away to grow.

6) Express Yourself

A major perk of owning a home is getting to do anything you want within the space. Many times renters are not able to paint or even hang pictures on the walls for fear of damaging them. Once you own a space, you are can choose to decorate it exactly how you want it. This is a very exciting perk for many who have been renters previously. You an let your creative juices start flowing!

7) Enjoy a Sense of Community

Owning a home can help you and your family get a sense of community. It’s a great way to start your roots in your town. Getting to know your neighbors and start getting involved in the community are great ways to increase this, as well. If you have kids in school, get involved with school events to help create a sense of community.

Are you ready to start your home search after you’ve heard about all these great benefits! From financial well-being to the emotional perks, there are many reasons pointing to owning a home at the Lake of the Ozarks. If you’re ready to get started, contact Eagle’s Nest Realty today! We look forward to hearing about your wants and needs and finding the perfect property for your family. Get in on some of these great benefits when you become a homeowner!

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